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New Products

We are constantly striving to set our customers apart from the rest. We are always finding new ways to create better images through cutting-edge graphic processes and products. This page features one of a kind products that are sure to get you noticed.

“Take a look at the latest addition to our image-enhancing arsenal. ChroMax is a 3D Chrome Injection Molded look without the Injection Molded Tooling cost.”

Dennis J. Bugos
President and Founder
DJB & Associates, Inc.

ChroMax Versatility

ChroMax has countless applications in product image and identification. Use ChroMax Chrome badging to strengthen your brand name. Below are some of the common uses of ChroMax chrome badges:

  • - Vehicle Chrome Badges
  • - Machinery Logos and Badges
  • - Chrome lettering for kitchen appliances
  • - Heavy Equipment Branding and Emblems
  • - Motorcycle Emblems and Chrome Logos
  • - Truck emblems and chrome car badges

About ChroMax

ChroMax provides a high quality and bold enhancement to your product. This is the answer if you are seeking strong positive recognition for your product through “cost-effective” tooling. Ideal for use at the OEM level for Home Appliance, Industrial and Heavy Equipment/Machinery, the Automotive, Marine, Recreational Vehicle and Motorcycle Industries.

Striking ChroMax Colors

ChroMax is currently available in 4 colors: Bright Chrome, Black Chrome, Silver Hi-Gloss, and Silver Low Gloss.

ChroMax Available Colors
Mower ChroMax Chrome Badging Sample Boat Vehicle ChroMax Chrome Badging Sample