Product Graphic Services

Creative Product Graphic Design

With so many processes and capabilities you may find yourself a little intimidated. Don’t be!

We want you to feel comfortable working with us so don’t worry about the technical details; that’s what we are here for. At the core of our business are our design services. We look to fulfill a specific task and coordinate all the details to complete the project. Now instead of dealing with several vendors, you only need to talk to one company. Your one point of contact will handle all of the following:

  • - Product Graphic Design
  • - Project Planning and Concepts
  • - OEM Solutions
  • - Product Image Development
  • - Coordinating with Printers and Designers
  • - Fulfillment to your Manufacturers
  • - Researching Suitable Processes

We are here to serve you.

If you have a specific project in mind please call to speak with us or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch!

Production Processes

From Concept to Completion

DJB is your source for all types of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Graphics and Labeling. Our capabilities are not limited to simple labels and stickers. We can produce complex product graphics that are textured, reflective, or even 3D. Below are some of the labeling and graphic processes we regularly handle. If there is something you don’t see please contact us because there are very few things we can’t do with product image and identity.

    Exterior Graphic Packages

  • - Flat Screened
  • - Embossed & Debossed Images
  • - Selective Texturing
  • - Large Vinyl Graphics

    Dimensional Graphic Labeling

  • - 3D Chrome Logos
  • - Drip Molded & Domed Images

    Interior Labeling & Roll Labels

  • - High Quality Vibrant Labels
  • - Product Images for any Application
  • - Warning Labels
  • - Bar Code Labels & Serialization
  • - Folded Coupon Labels
  • - Inserts & Hang Tags
  • - Transparent Mirror Chrome Labels
“It’s no secret that people make purchasing decisions based on what a product looks like. Our customers know how important it is to look different from their competitors and they trust our design solutions.”

James C. Bugos
Director of Sales
DJB & Associates, Inc.